This is home to my wikis for role-playing campaigns and other realms of interest. It contains campaign diaries, bios, ephemera, and other content probably only of interest to me and my players. You are welcome to explore for ideas. I try to make my recaps fun to read, but like most things about tabletop role-playing, a lot of it might be like you kind of had to be there.

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Ideas for other campaigns

  • Coven: A coven of witches attending university in North Central Florida in the early 2000’s
  • Outlaws: A society of religious outcasts in a war-torn region led by a group of adventurers who raid nearby dungeons and protect their new community
  • Cardamom Town 2: A group of teenagers in a fictional Japanese town where anime tropes and conventions are real
  • Hereditary: NPCs promising, hypersleep, dealing with their grandchildren, legends to your own life, the Sleepers, they’re going to put you down to sleep