Taedor cannot catch a break

The gang starts escaping when [[ Dorice]] comes out of the woods. It’s actually [[Sofronia]] and she commands Livius to attack Abe. The group bolts and Sofronia vanishes. The group fog clouds out of the problem and dashes. [[Malthamac ]] flies overhead and the gang starts attacking him. He fights back and they kill him pretty easily.

The gang gets back to town and steals horses. They find Fanny, a strange little girl. They go back into town to replace Abe’s axe and Liv’s quarterstaff. Benfred tries to help them negotiate. They go up the mountain to find a shrine. Fanny is there and sings with Sora. She shows them butterflies on her arms. She eats a frog and throws up but then laughs it off.

They go to the shrine where the Nereid has taken over, but Cas cat-shifts and smooths things over with the Nereid and they’re good.

They go back down the mountain and run into Geth. Geth asks them to get a stone from [[ Millie ]]. They leave Taedor there for some reason. They go to Millie’s, with Abe distracting Benfred. Liv takes the stone from Millie, which she realizes and paralyzes Liv, taking the stone back. She asks them to bring her Fanny.

The gang goes back to Geth who is having sex with Taedor. Abe casts fog cloud and they roll initiative.

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