Grin and Bear It

The gang arrives at Kinista Island, having found themselves magically transported to the fabled Haunted Sea, lost to time and history 600 years before in the The War of the Devils and the Dead

They find the island to be overrun with fey creatures, holding the citizens in thrall using sirablood to control them. Their leaders are The Grinner, an eladrin hunter, and a strange woman who the gang discover is a hag called The Smiler.

Sora is jabbed with a needle and subdued.

Livius inspires a rebellion at the local inn.

Abe strikes a deal while dueling with a fey archer. Later at the dock they agree to give Abe’s firstborn to the Grinner in exchange for his leaving.

The Lady Smiler agrees to swap sirablood recipes, but lies about it and takes the false recipe that the Alchemist gives her. She flees into the city.

Your crew morale is now +4 after spending a night in port (you had previously lost 1 morale from the captain dying).

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