Prelude to a Disappearance

The gang finds themselves on the People’s Ship Admirable Effort, sailing to Aurochs Island to install Livius as their first ambassador. Your goal is to establish official diplomatic relations with the Duergar on the island. Your ship is laden with Argot’s finest goods to trade with the Duergar for the sirablood. Leandro Damaskenos brings a fleet of 20 warships, just in case.

You and five ships are diverted by the songs of harpies. You fight them off and see that several Mineosi ships have crashed on the rocks. One of the Argotian warships crashes as well. Sora crashes the Admirable Effort through some of the warships, in an effort to stop them, while Livius burns their sails up with fire bolts. You are able to stop and tow the four remaining warships to Aurochs Island, and find that the Argotian and Mineosi ships are at a stand-off on either side of the island. No one has gone ashore yet.

33 days to Zulon’s arrival (there was a week between you setting sail from Argot and the trial and election)

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