Phase 1 Emergency Powers and the Coalition Day 1 13

Phase 1: Emergency Powers and the Coalition (Day 1-13)

The Battle of Aurochs Island

1st Summertide 1061 FA

The first engagement Battle of Aurochs Island is won by the Argoti as they relieve the people of Aurochs Island from the Mineosi encroachment. The Deathless One departs after PS Admirable Effort is disappeared. Leandro Damaskenos, now no longer facing the terrifying presence of the Deathless One, is able to fend off the Mineosi contingent that has arrived. He rushes back to Argot to confer with Hespero and Armand Colodrise to determine how to best wage this war.

The three execute a soft coup, led primarily by Leandro, the only office-holder, and obtain emergency powers from the Citizen Assembly (hand-selected by Hespero) and the City Council (with favors called in by Armand). The result is

  • The Triumvirate is allowed to take on debt in the name of Argot, exclusively for military expenses, without Treasury approval or concern to the military budget (to the ire of Calantha Aran)
  • All military authority is given to Leandro Damaskenos exclusively without need for internal majority vote, with delegation powers allowed to the remaining Ten Generals (to the ire of Odoacer)
  • The Triumvirate is allowed to make treaties to create a Coalition of city-states without the need for ratification by the Citizen Assembly

They are given a one year renewable mandate.

The Battles in the Golden Gulf

On the third day, Argoti and Mineosi forces skirmish off the coast of Kalens. More and more diplomats are sent off to plead the case of the Argoti. It’s only on day five when Hespero’s infernal aid is called to convince the King of Grypsera to side with them.

The ambassador and the king go back and forth, with the king unable to commit to either side. He keeps putting the ambassador off, telling him to wait. The ambassador writes to Hespero as he was instructed to. As soon as he finishes the note, Hespero appears in a sudden puff of black smoke. He storms into the throne room, dashes to the king, sizing him up. Hespero points his finger at the ground, magically scorching a circle as he walks around the king. “Have an answer for me before you step out of that circle.” Fearing for his life, the king relents and accepts the alliance.

A slew of early victories in the first week along the Golden Coast convince the cities to side with the Argoti. The Battles in the Golden Gulf are at a stalemate.

The First Siege of Sidicea

The First Siege of Sidicea leaves the city firmly in Argoti hands and effectively ends the stalemate in the Golden Gulf.

The dying embers of the cookfires crack the remaining coal in jagged lines. Sudden flames spring up behind enemy lines. The Mineosi make a messy retreat from the Golden Gulf. The Argoti are able to land boots onto the Golden Coast. Someone hits the jackpot at Hespero’s new casino.

By the end of the second week, all of the Known World is on Argot’s side against the encroaching Empire as the mountainous Gomotesc promises troops to their aid. The Golden Gulf Coalition is formed.

However, the coalition forces’ resources are becoming strained and more loans are taken on at unfavorable rates.

Home Front

While trying to negotiate for more funds at the Minderico Bank, the Treasury clerk of Argot summons Hespero. He brings with him scrolls upon scrolls. “I believe these names may sound familiar: Phillip, Geth, Sumara. I could go on. You owed all these people money. Well. You used to. Now you owe me, and I am here to collect. Unless we can come to a different arrangement.”

Eager to enrich the war coffers and high off the early victories and alliances, Leandro contacts Kaolina Serrat:

“We are happy to come to your aid. Mineos is a bully and a threat to our way of life.” The city councilors at the round table applaud as Kaolina rises and bows to leave. Calantha Aran and her cronies chatter in the corner and wonder loudly what this aid, given freely, will cost them one day. Leandro, the only office-holder of your triumvirate, stares her down and says, “We can’t afford not to take this aid.”

Phase 1 of 40 Days Campaign

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