Phase 4 The Fall of Kalens and the Arrival of Zulon Day 31 36

Phase 4: The Fall of Kalens and the Arrival of Zulon (Day 31-36)

1 Midsummer 1061 FA

The Siege of Kalens (continued)

The coalition army outside Kalens falls to the Mineosi troops. The people of Kalens raise a citizen militia, but they are driven out, ending the Siege of Kalens. Commander Jason and his remaining soldiers begin attacking from the mountains, but their guerilla campaign is short-lived as the Iron Reaper’s automatons systematically hunt them down. The young commander is killed with his soldiers as they waited for help from General Simon on Great Sickle, and he is thereafter known as the Martyr of Kalens.

The city-state of Kalens is absorbed into the Mineosi Empire, ending the longest battle in the campaign so far.

The Battle of the Niahal Coast

Argoti navies under General Theron, an ally of Leandro Damaskenos, sent to support the recapture of Telens, intercept a fleet of Mineosi trying to attack Niahal, which has long been a stronghold of the coalition. After three days of darting in and out among each other and by the end of week five, the Mineosi attack on Niahal fails as the ships are routed and sent to the bottom of the sea in the Battle of the Niahal Coast.

The Battle of Telens Underbridge

On day 34, the skirmishing and battles in Telens and on the seas surrounding it turn in Argot’s favor as Theron delivers a victory for the coalition. The Battle of Telens Underbridge turns in Argot’s favor, and the Mineosi abandon the city by sea as the coalition ships dock in the harbor and troops from Sidicea and Grypsera kill the remaining Mineosi marine forces.

The Battle of the Foothills

On the same day, however, the Argoti home guard under General Beren, an ally of Leandro, makes a shocking discovery after reports from Varak are substantiated: An infernal army led by a unholy creature named Zulon has arrived. They parade around the countryside and little effort is made to communicate with them. However on day 37, the army engages with them in the Battle of the Foothills and the creatures slip into the darkness, luring the troops deeper and deeper into the foothills. The home guard disappears, and shepherds find their cookfires still warm.

Operation Great Reaping (continued)

Operation Great Reaping is a failure as the navies flee in a rout on day 36. General Simon escapes to return to Argot in shame, just on the heels of the news of Kalens and his failure to lift that siege as well. Calis, commander of the Mineosi navy, sends word to The Deathless One to journey to Great Sickle to begin preparations for taking over the rest of the Sickle Islands.

Phase 4 of 40 Day Campaign

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