Phase 5 The Retreat to Argolos Day 37 40

Phase 5: The Retreat to Argolos (Days 37-40)

7 Midsummer 1061 FA

The Capitulation of Telens

Telens falls on day 38 in the Capitulation of Telens as a massive fleet from the other side of the Sunrise Sea arrives, having picked up Podana troops along the way.

The sailors point to the sky as they clash with the Mineosi navy. At first it seems to be a flock of ravens, but the birds grow larger as it becomes clear that these are monsters. They are clad in gold and black, their wings like bat wings. They swoop down and drop sailors into the sea, but they do not hunger for flesh: It is treasure they seek. Their leader, the black-winged fiend Syrax leaves a crew alive to deliver a message to the Argoti leadership: “You spend the blood of your people without a second thought. It is not what they want. So we shall strike where it truly hurts: your coffers.” The city of Telens, bereft of resources and desperate for stability, capitulates.

Clearly outnumbered, the skeleton force that survived the Battle of Telens Underbridge departs, the last of the ships fleeing by day 40, leaving no coalition navies in the Golden Gulf. General Theron is killed in the combat, his junior officers leading the retreat to Argot. News of his death arrives with the return of The Argotnauts.

The Second Siege of Sidicea

The city council of Sidicea, long languishing under the raids and pillaging of the coalition forces, betrays Commander Zosimo and General Cosmo to Helios in the Second Siege of Sidicea (also known as the Betrayal of Sidicea or Revenge of Sidicea) and allows him to march in on Cloudstride. The two commanders and their officers are executed in the city square and the remaining soldiers given the option to join their officers in death or give up their weapons and go to Mineos as slaves.

The Capitulation of Niahal

With the coalition stretched and lacking resources, the navies flee from Niahal, allowing an enemy fleet from Kalens to enter without resistance in the Capitulation of Niahal. King Iro of Niahal welcomes them in and is allowed to continue as a tributary ruler.

Home Front

Calis’s navy sends a small expedition to make a landing on Bourtias. Unable to mount a resistance, the city council gives in and Calis’s officers begin establishing a base of operations on Bourtias.

On day 40, soldiers from the home guard unit arrive in the city, wild and crazed, speaking of Zulon and his infernal forces. With this information, people are anxious about the war as enemies are now on Argolos. The population becomes suspicious of their neighbors. People start hoarding what little food and supplies there are, leaving nothing for the poorest of the city. People stop trusting each other, only coming out on market day.

Leandro Damaskenos receives a message from the new proconsul of Pontia, the Werriadi colony on Argolos.

General Leandro,

I am arrived in my new role of proconsul at Pontia. Ambassador Serrat has apprised me of the military situation and I expect to be in Argot within the week with three legions of dragonborn to prepare for the defense of Argolos Island. After addressing your Ten Generals, I will meet with you privately and anyone else you deem to be necessary.

I only eat lobster when I am traveling.

Ralos Korvesian

Hespero leaves for Aurochs Island as word reaches him that the Deathless One has returned to take over the island. As he arrives, so too do the 13 Islands and the heroes. Much like the hobbits, I mean halflings, at the end of Lord of the Rings, the Siege of Argot is truly like the Scouring of the Shire, for the heroes have returned wiser and more powerful than ever, but instead of Saruman it’s Melkor (The Deathless One), but also Sauron (Zulon) is there too and he moved into your house instead of the Sackville-Bagginses. And I guess Malory Whisperbottom is like Gollum.

Phase 5 of 40 Day Campaign

It is day 40 since the Battle of Aurochs Island.

The Mineosi have taken Kalens, Telens, Niahal, Sidicea, Great Sickle, and Bourtias.

Zulon is on Argolos Island.

The Damage Sluts and the 13 Islands have returned to the material plane.

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