Abraham Washington

Abraham Washington was born in the slums (The Guts and the Ribs of Argot) and eventually orphaned. He grew up hard in the dangerous streets until he met [[ Lorellen ]], an elf potion maker and homeopathist. Lorellen took in a young Abe and raised him up as an apprentice and son. When Abe was a bit older and things got more dangerous in the city Lorellen and Abe took to being hermits out in the nearby forests. In a small cottage they built the small family spent many wonderful years together. Abe still made little treks into the city to sell Lorellen’s potions and to pick up supplies not available in the forest. On his last trip home, Abe discovered the door to the cottage kicked in and Lorellen dead on the floor. After burying his friend and mentor, Abe picked up his axe and Lorellen’s Book of Secrets and headed back into the city with revenge on his mind.

Abraham is seeking the murderer of his master. He knows it is a doppelganger and he also knows doppelgangers work for Hespero.

Abraham married Baltsaros in the episode The Damage Sluts Adventures in Wonderland.

Appears in Bumpkos Island, The Many-Bodied Shadow of War, and The 13 Islands of the Haunted Sea

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