Armand Colodrise

Husband of Damfina Colodrise, a Mineosi spy who is sleeping with his friend Leandro Damaskenos, and father to Taedor, Armand is first met by the heroes in Hespero’s shop, contracting them to rescue his son.

After the incident at My Dinner with Hespero, Armand and Hespero are under suspicion along with The Argotnauts for the murder of The Ambassador from Mineos.

His wife is dramatically arrested for possession of a magical item, which she was using to spy with Allegra Damaskenos on the Argoti for the Mineosi Empire. After The Argotnauts are acquitted, the charges against Hespero and Armand are also dropped and they join with Leandro to lead the Golden Gulf Coalition during the first battles of the Argoti-Mineosi War (The 40 Days Campaign Diary).

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