Naval commander of the Mineosi Empire.

The ships of the Mineosi navy are conventional: massive triremes with artillery, longships ready for quick landings. The flagship however is another monster entirely. Wreathed in seaweed and glowing an eerie blue, the lead ship of this navy is commanded by a woman upon a throne. She is ten feet in height, and her throne is made of petrified corpses. Rather than legs, she has a long snake body that is as green as she is. She shades her eyes with a golden helm. Her hair is like a nest of vipers. By the end of the battle, several of your people have become statues and sink to the bottom of the sea with so many others, not likely to be seen for thousands of years. The Argoti general reports back with this strange tale and warns of Calis and word spreads of her deadly stare.

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