Casimir Fl f

Casimir was raised by a wizard who was desperate to become a warlock, but who couldn’t find a patron who would enter a pact with her (Casimirs guardian). She developed alchemical concoctions that allowed her to mimic the unholy power she craved. She took Cas in as a kitten and made him to remain in cat form when in public, forcing him to masquerade as her loyal familiar. Meanwhile, behind the closed doors of her tower, she used him as a test subject for or unspeakable experiments. Her research made Cas stronger, and loved and hated his cursed power, even as he loved and hated his mistress. One day, he snapped, slew her, and fled the city of his youth. Since then, he has wandered the lands, honing his blood curse on any evil creature he encounters.

Appears in Bumpkos Island, The Many-Bodied Shadow of War, and The 13 Islands of the Haunted Sea

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