To say the individual known as Hobbes has not had a normal life would be putting it mildly. A native of Argot, Hobbes never knew his mother or father, and was raised in a human orphanage in the seedy part of the city. While not an easy life, it wasn’t until puberty hit that things got really bad, for while other kids got growth spurts and facial hair, Hobbes started shapeshifting into different people uncontrollably, which culminated with him turning into an alabaster skinned humanoid with eyes black as the void.

His community turned on him, calling him a changeling, a creature which fairies use to replace mortal children that they stole. Barely escaping with his life, Hobbes was forced to live on the streets, a fate which usually meant death for an abandoned child. But in the following days, Hobbes was able to master his shapeshifting ability, and use it to survive and even prosper, as he was able to become virtually anyone he wished.

He created a human identity for himself, and was able to get out of the slums and become a successful sea captain and merchant. However, Hobbes’ secret was discovered by the crime lord Hespero, who blackmailed Hobbes into working for him, less he expose the changeling’s identity to the city. Having no choice, Hobbes complied, and for a while worked at smuggling illegal magical items into the city. For years, Hobbes worked for the kingpin as an unwitting servant, smuggling illegal goods for the crime boss until threat of ruin. However, things got complicated when on one of his expeditions a storm smashed apart his ship, leaving Hobbes adrift on a raft. Then a mist settled on the waters, and when it lifted he found himself in a world not his own. A pilgrim in a strange land, Hobbes must find new friends and adapt to this new world, as well as find a way back. Thankfully, if there is one thing Hobbes is good at, it is surviving.

While on the run from Hespero’s wrath, Hobbes was hired along with Nahkulgart to serve as a bodyguard for Malory Whisperbottom. They voyaged far and found themselves in the mists of the 13 Islands.

Appears in The 13 Islands of the Haunted Sea

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