Leandro Damaskenos

Leandro Damaskenos is one of the Ten Generals of Argot. He is a friend of Hespero.

After Sora Nemmonis stole the love letters between Leandro and Damfina Colodrise (the wife of his friend and associate Armand Colodrise and mother of Taedor, and spy for the Mineosi Empire), Sora applies pressure on Leandro to side with the Werriadi Republic.

His wife, Allegra Damaskenos, is killed by Livius and turned into a zombie in Am I being detained. Her unveiling as a Mineosi spy incentivizes Leandro even harder into promoting the Werriadi alliance. He gives an impassioned speech before the Assembly and the alliance is ratified.

He escorts The Argotnauts to [[ Aurochs Island ]] for Livius Anastasius Cratius to take his post as ambassador with 20 warships.

He, Armand, and Hespero lead Argot and the Golden Gulf Coalition against the Mineosi Empire during the first stages of the Argoti-Mineosi War (The 40 Days Campaign Diary).

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