Livius Anastasius Cratius

A noble and scholarly man, Livius has spent years learning philosophy from the great minds on the Argolosi Peninsula: Playdo, Socraets, Arestoddle, and considers himself their equal. He spent much time reading in all of the libraries, studying scroll after scroll, believing knowledge to be his greatest asset (in fact, spending so much time indoors has given his skin a pale, but ruddy pallor and a not unsubstantial waistline). It was in one of these great many libraries that he discovered a scroll pertaining to a forbidden practice–that of magic. He was about to alert the master librarian about the find when he thought better of it. Perhaps it was best to read it and see if it was worth all of that. This turned into something of a secret fascination for him, and with it he began furtive practice. It was in his search for more on the arcane arts that he uncovered more scrolls, these delving into the dark art of Necromancy. Surely, he decided, this must be taken directly to the authorities! But first, perhaps, he should just… have a look…. A little bit of knowledge couldn’t hurt anyone, surely.

Livius was selected the Argotian Ambassador to Aurochs, saving him from lawsuit during A completely avoidable international incident due to the Argot doctrine of prosecutorial immunity while holding office.

Appears in Bumpkos Island, The Many-Bodied Shadow of War, and The 13 Islands of the Haunted Sea

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