Malbec Riesling

Malbec Riesling is the lawyer of Hespero, which should have tipped you off somewhat.

Polos Devenir had been on an expedition hunting the dinosaurs of the various islands of the Golden Gulf. After Malbec unearthed an obscure statue designating his property as public land, Hespero has made plans to acquire them via public auction. The land is a few streets over from Hespero’s mansion on the hill. Polos has returned (about a week before your expedition set sail to Aurochs Island) and he has found himself bankrupt.

Melia Cratius, an elderly woman, cousin of Livius Anastasius Cratius, married a much younger man named Gudren who tragically died a few days before the dinner party where the gang kidnapped The Ambassador / saved Fornorio. He had several bribes go out to Melia’s associates before departing on the voyage to Aurochs Island. The associates were instructed to accuse Melia Cratius of murdering her young husband.

Malbec made a deal with a devil in hell, which will trigger that devil’s arrival a month from the deal having been made. Malbec was also burned by Hespero and skipped town during A completely avoidable international incident.

Appears in The Many-Bodied Shadow of War with a cameo in It is Dark and Hell is Hot

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