Malory Whisperbottom

Malork is a Gnome that has always had a knack with words. He knows many languages and can read any script. He used this innate talent to make a business selling books. As demand for rarer and more exotic books came in, he began diving into ruins to find ancient scripts that he could copy and sell. One day he found a book (Malorys spellbook) in a ruin that was in near perfect condition. Old of course, but showing no sign of disrepair. He opened it and, even with his natural gifts, couldn’t read any of the strange language inside. Slowly his obsession with figuring out what was written inside took over. spending every waking hour trying to decode the text. His business fell into disrepair and friends drifted away at his neglect.

One day in his obsessive studying he was able to read a single word (“lemondrop”). With this breakthrough something took hold over Malork and magic power awakened inside of him. He began to see the fabric of reality. Through the years, as he has found more of the script legible, he has grown more and more powerful. He has paid a price though, his hair has turned platinum white, his eyes have turned scarlet, he no longer bothers to discern between what is of this reality and what is of another. Somewhere along the way he forgot his own name, remembering it to be Malory instead.

Now Malory has found a name in the book, someone he has heard of in his past life collecting old books, and has set out on a quest to find the writings of this ancient author. Perhaps there lies clues to decipher more of the books contents. He has hired Nahkulgart and Hobbes to help him on his travels and assist him with the task of discerning what is real and what is not

Malory Whisperbottom is seeking a mysterious book that may hold further secrets, written by a woman named Natalya. In your eldritch book, you have read the name several times and have learned that she was a scholar 600 years ago. You have learned that her works are scattered across the 13 Islands and you hope that you can use her books to decipher more of the eldritch text you hold.

Malory has been in hell since the episode It is Dark and Hell is Hot

Appears in The 13 Islands of the Haunted Sea

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