Sora Nemmonis

Sora Nemmonis serves the Werriadi Republic. Nemmonis led a life full of pick pocketing, forgery, and burglary alongside her partner in crime, a male green dragonborn named Kriv. The two hatched a scheme to pull a large heist on the Republic’s national treasury 3 decades ago, but the plan went south. Kriv escaped and went dark. Sora, however, was caught.

The federal officer in charge of Sora’s arrest was intrigued by her plan. In theory, there would have been no catching or identifying the two of them had Kriv not made a lazy mistake. The planning was clearly Sora’s and the folly clearly Kriv’s. The officer could clear Sora’s name, pin the attempted heist on Kriv, for a favor. In exchange for her freedom, Sora would become a personal aide to the federal officer. She would help him rise through the ranks of the republic. She would be an instrument of his surreptitious machinations.

And so Sora found herself employed as a spy. She helped her new employer rise into further and further power. She stayed out of prison while Kriv rotted in his cell, but in her own way she was a prisoner herself. Her new employer Ralos Korvesian held authority over her head, and as he grew in power so too did his ability to ruin or end her life. She was bound to serve her benefactor, and getting out of that service is the one thing she has been unable to do in this life. But even in her old age she hopes to one day break her chains.

Letter from Ralos:

Become acquainted with Hespero. He is the wealthiest man in Argot and a powerful figure in the Undercity. Do your best to insinuate yourself into his elite circle to gather information, but starting in the Undercity is your best route. Your ultimate mission is to exert influence over an official of Argot. Luckily for you, aside from treasurers and generals, the governmental positions in Argot are chosen by lot from all of their citizens. Can you imagine? Madness. Their reliance on the Goddess Fortune for their government is their folly, and you can turn that against them.

Glory to the Republic

Most recently, Sora has been sent to Argot to ascertain how to increase the Republic’s foothold on Argolos Island. She has no reason to assume a pseudonym as her existence within the Republic is largely off the records thanks to her benefactor. Her only public name is as a traveling bard, and she uses this cover within Argot to carry out her true work.

“Sora, there is a general election approaching. The Argotians will be directly electing 100 treasurers and 10 generals. They will also be selecting by lot ambassadors, clerks, and judges, among other minor officials. If you can exert influence over someone in one of those positions, we can have them speak for the Werriadi and we can take over this city.”

During this election, Livius Anastasius Cratius was selected as Ambassador to Aurochs Island.

Sora brought in the Werriadi Republic as an ally and used their influence to fend off a lawsuit brought forth by The Ambassador of Mineos who accused Sora Nemmonis, Abraham Washington, Casimir Flüf, Malbec Riesling, and Livius of kidnapping and murdering one of their own.

Appears in Bumpkos Island, The Many-Bodied Shadow of War, and The 13 Islands of the Haunted Sea

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