moldene moldene moldene moldene im beggin you moldene dont take my man

Buck, model employee

While the heroes are deep in the mines, Buck is on the clock. He makes some rounds down in the Wefting where he suspects some deadheads hang out at and asks if he can get initiated into the mysteries of their religion. Their leader tells him that there are treasures in the ancient goblin mines and suggests heading down there.

Buck arrives at the Silver Mine, conveniently as Godrik bursts through the entrance, allowing the two uninfected miners to escape. As the miners divulge their harrowing tale, Buck listens in and decides to head into the mine, making sure to tie a makeshift mask around his mouth and nose. The guards acknowledge Buck as a fellow… uh… person imbued with the power to enforce the state’s monopoly on the use of legitimate violence and let him violate quarantine. As Buck heads down the tunnel, he hears the sounds of his pals chatting with Bartok, a new guy, while the guards board the entrance back up. Wow three B names, that’s not confusing.

Dynamite, whatever that is

The gang heads into the mine and they find some that I try to describe as best as I can without using the word dynamite. Blikz tests the dynamite by blowing it up and blowing himself up, so now they have one dynamite.

The gang then explores the caverns to the west of the heavily infested mine, where those big balloon gas spores exploded on everyone, including Skadi who is feeling very itchy still. A gang of knife spiders pounce the heroes. Helewynn steps up in front of Buck, ready to take on the tank role, whatever that means, and Buck is like what are you doing. Blikz and Skadi fend off a trio of the beasts while Bartok is distracted by one ambushing him from behind.

After dispatching the creatures, they delve into a cavern that leads down another level. The cave formations are natural, but as they go deeper, they find a well-hewn hallway leading into a very old room, covered in cobwebs and chewed through leather. The spider-folk in the other room do not seem to want to follow them into this hallway and are happy to leave the heroes alone.

Bartok takes out his augury tools, which can be like whatever, decide next time, and determines that being down on this level of Silverdeep will not lead the heroes to the source of the fungal infection.

Going back up, Blikz examines the pool, observing that there are more of those silverfish. Strange.

They decide to head to the accounting and armory room to make a plan. They form a big honking strat to face the fungally infected miners in there, who have become dangerous now, but the plans keep changing in the middle of the combat as the heroes are pushed out of the tight corridor and the infected miners push through, bear traps clinging to their legs.

With their final breaths, the infected miners burst, spreading more of the spores, and Buck starts to feel as itchy as Skadi.

The heroes are in the Silver Mine, holed up in the accounting and armory room, taking a short rest.

Skadi and Buck have been infected for less than a day.

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