so thats where all the glass is

Who could even remember

The heroes, feeling a full level stronger, venture back into the Tower of Glass. In no specific order, they accomplish the following:

  1. Helewynn and Blikz nearly get killed by steam mephits, incorrectly guessing that they could not swim. (Don’t worry, the mistakes will scale up. One day you’ll guess wrong and drop a flying island into the ocean, killing thousands.)
  2. The heroes run into Tal, a real jerk of a wizard who tries to put everyone to sleep. Skadi can’t be put to sleep because she’s woke af. But they subdue him and come to an agreement that the heroes will totally make good on so that he can become the wizard of the tower.
  3. The heroes figure out the keystone puzzle (ya gotta fuse em together in the furnace). They meet a feisty fire snake which keeps sinking to the bottom. Oh the hourglass kept flipping over!
  4. Buck gets duck’d.
  5. Lots of mephits and spiders get fought. Nice work.
  6. The heroes head back to the midden on the first floor and investigate it! Good job! They find the keystones.
  7. They off the skeletons climbing the scaffolding after hearing that poor guy just get eaten by them. By skeletons?
  8. The hourglass in that room? Flips over after an hour and has a door on the lip of it with five triangles at the top (but there are only four notches!)

Anyway, the gang is like, wtf, we’ve searched this whole gosh-danged place, except, no! They haven’t! They finally find the room they missed.

They run into a skeleton who turns and faces them. The skeleton is working on something on a table and there are vats with strange horrific creatures. Hope they don’t escape when a tower collapses or something!

The heroes are facing a skeleton in a room in the Tower of the Wizard of Glass. They have collected four number of keys and found all four doors (and took a little tour as well).

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