Player Characters


  • Hespero of Meretesk
  • Muzmuzax, language tutor
  • [[ Dimitrios ]], Captain of the Military Quarter
  • [[ Bertrand ]], Quartermaster of the Military Quarter
  • [[ Hugo ]], Captain of the Town Guard
  • [[ Bourbon Maduro ]], bounty hunter and rival to Blikz, calls Blikz short stuff not affectionately
  • [[ Yanni ]], the mayor
  • Selawynn, grandmother of Helewynn
  • [[ Prim]], [[Luger]], and [[Fisk]], three deadheads taking Celestial classes with Muzzy; they worship the deadgod, the calcified god that fell on [[09 Godsbody Mountains ]]
  • [[ Gert ]], town guard who looks down on Buck dirtyhands and whose face was blown away by Hespero’s firebolt in a “freak kitchen accident”
  • Attamis the One-Foot and Brannifer the romantic, two guards
  • Vasily, a dwarf fence from the Wefting who runs his shop out of a weaver’s shop; calls Blikz short stuff affectionately

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