I was born and raised in the dirty, down-river district of Meretesk known as the Grimewater. Didn’t know my dad, and my mum died in childbirth. Been raised by a solo-grandmother, my Nan, Selawynn. She was a connected person in the area, known to all as someone who could “get you something if you need it.”

She did part of it by using some hereditary shadow magic. She enlisted me early on as an apprentice to help her in all of her activities, and taught me various types of disguises, blending in, and sending secret messages. She’s old and blind now, but still loved by the lower classes of Meretesk. I know lots of people in town and leverage my familial connection when needed to help smooth out a transaction. I like to connect people with the things they desire. If I can help, I will, especially if there’s profit in it.

I try not to burn bridges and am always happy to lend a hand, because you never know when you might need someone or something. I’ve run jobs for Hespero of Meretesk in the past, and get along with him well. I do things for him in exchange for help with magic wielding. He taught me about the Ray of Frost cantrip and about Mage Armor. I’ve done a job with Blikz the Bounty Hunter in the past and it was very profitable.

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