Kingdom of Gomotesk

The Kingdom of Gomotesk is a monarchy, ruled from the city of [[ Gomotesk ]]. The state is governed by the king as an absolute monarch who rules by decree and personally promulgates laws.

Judges pass judgment in disputes, which can be appealed directly to the king.

The king has a court of councilors to advise him, typically consisting of representatives from constituent regions.

The Archbishop of the Church of the Unseen has an advisory role to the king, but has no authority except in church matters. The Church as an institution owns parcels of land (called Parishes), but it is illegal for the Church to have a military (or any other institution apart from the state). Therefore, the state has the sole power of legitimate violence, which is delegated to the various administrative regions. However, the church shares the right to tax lands.

The Crown directly owns a variety of territories, including

  • The Free City of Meretesk
  • The Silver Mines and Silver Town
  • [[ Gomotesk ]]
  • The islands off the coast

To the crown are sworn the following:

The constituent duchies:

  • [[ Siblune ]], to which are sworn the counties of
    • [[ Walas ]]
    • [[ Prest ]]
    • Bright Reach, which is now [[ Giants Reach ]]
  • [[ Visigoara ]], to which are sworn the counties of
    • [[ Kraya ]]
    • [[ Piastra ]]
  • [[ Dobra ]]
  • [[ Hagarat ]]

The constituent counties:

  • [[ Arvana ]]
  • [[ Zatma ]]

The marches where the marcher lords monitor the frontier:

  • [[ Kriska ]]
  • [[ Maramoor ]]
  • [[ Taruna ]]

The parishes of the church:

  • [[ Utmost Parish ]]
  • [[ Maro Parish ]]
  • [[ The Wilderness Parish ]]

Other forces contend with the King of Gomotesk over the control of these lands, including the creatures of the Giants Reach, the pirates on the seas, the denizens of the [[ 03 Snarlwood ]], the creatures in and under the mountains, and the raiders on the frontier.

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